People's Commission on Environment & Development
Estd. 1990

(Registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860) - Reg. No. S-21388/90

Address : 403, Nav Sansad Vihar, Plot No. 4, Sector - 22, Dwarka,
New Delhi - 110077, India
Facilitations : +91-9312760678, +91-9811014320, +91-8375084612
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The mission of the Society will be to promote sustainable national development, particularly through the more active participation of a better informed public.


The objects of the society which will be non-profit making shall be:

  1. To help intensify the efforts of the independent, sector in India, towards the attainment of environmentally sound development.
  2. To encourage citizen participation in community affairs and develop a consciousness of civic responsibilities.
  3. To evolve communication and media concepts and educational materials appropriate for creating awareness of social and cultural requirement and processes in India.
  4. To produce booklets, films, videotapes, radio and television programmes and either audio-visual materials for use by radio and television networks and educational and allied institutions.
  5. To initiate action-oriented research projects on the impact of current development and media programmes on environmental quality.
  6. To submit reports and recommendations to governmental and other authorities regarding policies for sustainable development and sound environmental management.
  7. A particular activity of the Society will be to prepare for the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and development, and in particular, to
    • To act as a forum for institutions and individuals outside the formal government sector for the sharing and evolution or thinking about environmental issues;
    • To mobilize the inputs from the independent sector for the Conference;
    • To create, through public hearings, newsletter, seminars, possibilities for the 'public’ to participate in the 1992 process.
    • To help evolve an Indian and, to the extent possible, a third world stand on global issues of environmental management.
    • To prepare and publish reports and document as contributions to the Conference