Green Cross-India
Estd. 1994

(Registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860) - Reg. No. S-26797/94

Address : 403, Nav Sansad Vihar, Plot No. 4, Sector - 22, Dwarka,
New Delhi - 110077, India
Facilitations : +91-9312760678, +91-9811014320, +91-8375084612
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The Green Cross India, established in 1994 with the Regn. NO.S-26797/94,aims to create awareness/an abiding interest,active involvement of different sections of the society in schemes/programmes and activities of the Central and State governments, international organizations and other NGOs in the areas of control and elimination of all forms of pollution and creation of an environment-friendly India. Preservation of India's unique ecosystem, its flora and fauna and other natural resources is a task in hand. Besides, Green Cross India acts as a voluntary monitoring and advising agency for the implementation of all schemes and programmes of governmental and non-governmental agencies and endeavours to evolve over time as a lobby to strengthen the political will to intervene effectively in environmental and related matters in a positive manner.

Green Cross India formulates and implements schemes and projects in furtherance of its objectives and indulges in organizing multi-media publicity campaigns, workshops and seminars and publication of brochures and pamphlets. It encourages rediscovery of the social, cultural and religious ethos and values relating to preservation of ecosystems and natural resources as enshrined in our Holy Scriptures and dissemination of the same among different sections of society so that these ethos and values inform and govern the day-to-day life of our people both at the individual and community levels.

Identification of neglected/hitherto unattended areas, and formulation and implementation of specific schemes for such areas, undertaking of surveys and research in identified areas in relation to its aims and objectives, motivation and education of people and enlisting their active participation in creating a pollution-free environment and conservation of our natural resources through voluntary efforts on target-oriented lines, and interaction, liaison and coordination with Central and State Governments, international organisations, print and audio-visual media and like-minded NGOs are other tasks that Green Cross India is saddled with.